Color Changing Umbrella


This is a very fashionable magical umbrella.We need not buy a normal umbrella again ,as New Fashion Umbrella, which will change color when get wet. It is Very magical.The Color Changing Umbrella will surely brighten up our day. It has rubber handle with string.And also with auto open and close.The umbrella is made with magic printing,which will change color when absorb water.It is very attractive and is necessary to overcome the modern trend and fashion.It comes into life in brilliant color when hit with water. Children will get assumed in watching this magical colour change and they will be fond of these umbrellas.This wil highly give magical surprise to brighten up rainy days for all the kids.It is  good for gift as well as our own use.So follow the fashion trend by grabing this Color Changing Umbrella.

i should say this Novelty Color Changing Umbrella is one among the best fashionable umbrellas i have ever seen.Actually this one acts like a magical umbrella because once it get wet,it will change it’s colour.It is mostly designed for children and the most important thing about it is it’s weight,it’s just everyone,even lower class students,could use it.Even though there is a large variety of umbrellas in the market,this colour changing one will be liked both elders and children.As the colour keep on changing,the people who watch us will surely think that we have a wide range of umbrellas with us.So i will surely recommend everyone to use this Novelty Color Changing Umbrella.

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